German Sanchez - Panama

March 26, 2015

Thanks for your excelente service. I think this is great value of Forex-Goldmine Team. I have been working with different setups with PIPSTRIDER and trying discover more things. Thanks again. Your product and service are wonderful.!!

D.K. - South Africa

March 25, 2015

I have been trading PipStrider for 3 weeks now, starting with $10 000. I have already made 3% with only a 0.54% draw down! This is really impressive but it is still early. The support is really great and all my mails got answered within 24 hours! These guys are so professional, they know what they are doing!! I believe that if you follow the money management rules, you can leave this EA on your account and if you withdraw regularly you have a good consistent money making machine! I will report back within a month or 2 about my account's progression.

Min KW - Sydney, Australia

April 29, 2014

I just wanted to express my thanks and the time you have spent replying to all my questions, I have been live now for just over a month and your EA has been very impressive, so far net profit is $384 for the month, based on an account balance of $13,000. Which I think is not bad for the fact that I don’t really need to do anything, all I do I log into my VPS once a day to check everything is ok, I previously I traded shares casually, the great aspect about forex is the market is open 24/5, its always pleasing to wake up in the morning and see that your EA has closed a trade sequence, as with forex your not tied to an exchange with set opening hours. I was initially a bit wary about a martingale/grid strategy, as prior to demoing and purchasing your EA I read quite a lot on forums such as Donna Forex, Forex Factory, babypips etc, The conclusions I have come down to is that most people are quite greedy when it comes to forex and EA’s, and want to see high/quick profits, some similar EA’s I have researched recommend a lots multiplier of 1.6! and starting lots of .10 for a $5k account,being quite risky! I believe that with good money management I speculate that your EA will return consistent small profits over the long term, while a “death trade/black swan? may come along in the future, most people believe it won’t happen to them so they take the risk of trading to aggressive, while they might get away with it for a several weeks, months, or even years, it will happen eventually, and this is where I thank you for your recommendations, as with a conservative approach with your EA we always need to be ready for such an event, I have also found your support has been tremendous all the answers have been explained promptly and clearly, Again thank you!

Joseph DiPaolo - Lakeland, Florida U.S.A.

Aug. 15, 2013

I am seriously handicapped, I can't walk or talk. I started with EA's in 2008, had a brain stem stroke in 2009. I found Forex-Goldmine in 2009, right before the stroke. I was trading with Robominer at the time. After the stroke, my love for trading led me right back to Forex-Goldmine, and their new EA, Pipstrider. I kept trying all released versions, and am using V1.34 on a live account with remarkable results. Pipstrider made a Martingale robot that's a safe robot to trade with, using all default settings. I went from my job paying me over $60,000 a year to being forced to live on disability and Social Security now. Winning trades are paramount to me in my life. Pipstrider gives me a future to look forward to.

Harel Noy - Israel

Jan. 22, 2012

Hi there. I would like to share my personal experience with the Forex Goldmine EA's. I am a trader for almost 4 years and has experienced trading in many financial instruments starting with stocks, CFD's and indices. In the last year and a half I ventured into forex trading and did pretty well. when I first started exploring the forex field I also started learning and testing the algotrading field starting (pretty much just like anyone else ....) by purchasing all the robots that I could starting with the cheep ones and also quite a few expensive one's. all that by following multiple back and forward testing and lots of demo and live accounts. all of my investment teachers and schools that I have been to (almost 2 full years and about 5 different schools and private mentors), all of them emphasized the importance of autotrading and algotrading as a major tool in the investment portfolio of a successful trader. of course all of it was nice and dandy but to no avail. non of them actually could not have provided me with a working robot that would produce any continuous monthly profits. to make a long story short, I got a margin call on almost 6 accounts due to failing expert advisors. I would not exaggerate if I would say that I have lost almost 20,000$ total on those experiences.....out of that almost 5000$ were spent on EA's and other software and webinars. finally I gave up on algotrading and stuck with the regular good old fashion manual trading. I came across the Forex Goldmine robots quite by chance through some forums I have been participating in and at first I automatically rejected the idea of testing them (not even thinking of buying or using them) because seriously... I was just too tired of losing my money. also the idea of using a Martingale style robots looked quite risky too me. I am a solid guy and always looking for the "safer" way to make money. as I looked further into the logic behind the robots (to the best of my ability, of course...) I slowly changed my mind and again opened a few demo account to see how it goes. I also started back testing the robots and also tried to changed a few parameters here and there. the results were quite astonishing, to say the least .... I re checked it, changed currencies, changes parameters, changed basically every thing that I could think of and most times got really good results. I had to put my "algo fears" aside and started some demo accounts with different robots. I mainly concentrated on the Forex Cantata and the Pipstrider robots even that I have tested most of the available robots. again to my surprise all of the demo accounts showed positive long range results that even got better after adjusting some parameters, controlling the account exposure and currency pair and so on ....after about two months of testing the robots I have decided to finally choose a leader robot and installed it on a live account. today I am one happy guy. the system is working perfectly and the profits are building nicely. I decided to take the Forex Cantata as my first robot and later work my way to the Pipstrider robot. the Forex Cantata robot is really simple to work with and it will bring positive results even without changing anything at all. the Pipstrider robot need more capital to start with but also brings amazing results when the account exposure is set correctly. I am posting here a link to my real account report so that everyone could see the results (just remember to look at the results starting from 11.18.2011 because prior to that date there was one other robot on the account...). It is simply amazing. one more thing I need to say regarding the Forex Cantata is that it has an amazing recovery power so that even with an unexpected move the robot made it through and compensated for the lose. (look at the 179$ lose I got on the 11.30.2011......the account was not closed and the robot just kept on bringing winning results till fully recovering my account and moving to profit). also......when contacting the staff in terms of support or other issues I received a quick HUMAN answer that was more then just two words. the support team is really paying atention to the customer and that is much more then I can say on other EA vendors. I need to emphasize that I am not any affiliate or vendor of any kind and not connected in partnership with the Goldmine company in any way. I am just one REALLY happy client, and intends to keep on working with the robots. I seriously recommend it. It really works when you work it. great product and great team behind it. thank you for renewing my faith in algotrading. Again.....thanks. Harel Noy

Pete B. - Phila., PA

June 7, 2011

I have to say that I have been demo-ing Forex Goldmine's newest edition of Pipstrider (1.28) and it has consistently made good money on multiple broker MT4 platforms. I have optimized the main pair (auscad) while finding that the ausnzd pair is not particularly a good one to use right now. Instead, I have been using the aususd pair quite nicely (which I have also optimized). By the way, what is good money? Well, I have been using 25K accounts on my non-US brokers that are either ECN or STP, and 50K on my CitiFX Pro demo account (which would be a ECN account). And, yes, I understand that comparing demo accounts to live ones can be a tricky proposition. To date, I am averaging between $1,500/wk - $2,500/wk (4-5 days) per non-US broker, and approx. $750-$850/wk (4-5 days) on CitiFX Pro. Non-US brokers would make this between 6% - 10% per week, and 1.2% - 2% on CitiFX Pro, which still isn't a bad money return compared to any kind of bank instrument, etc. Additionally, I have found Forex Goldmine's customer service to be both quick and courteous....a good combination for any forex-based company these days.

Anthony Evans - Folkestone Kent UK

April. 21, 2011

I have tried the PipStrider and it is GREAT !! thanks guys at Forex-Goldmine, you have done it again. The PipStrider makes the RoboMiner look like your old best friend while it is like new boots!!

Anthony Evans - Folkestone Kent UK

Jan. 4, 2011

The RoboMiner EA can make you rich! beware though don't be greedy, this will take time....remember slow and steady wins the race!

Mach26 - Bucks, UK

Dec 25, 2010

I've used Pipstrider on multiple demo and real accounts both mini and micro and on multiple pairs. There are three elements that seperate this EA from others: consistent high performance, excellenet support and a development team that listens. It doesn't get any better than this!

Frank Marshall - Oslo, Norway

July 24, 2010

I have to say thanks, to the developers of these Great Products. I am using both Robominer II and PipStrider. PipStrider as part of a short term plan to bulid up my Long term Robominer II account. Great Job!

Rodrigo Standen - Santiago , Chile

June 2, 2010

I´m so happy with my new EA Pipstride, in the first day I won profit , also I have installed Robominer pro, both are excellents products, I stared with only USD$1850 in three days I have USD$ 2050 in my balance congratulation forex goldmine!! Best Regard Rodrigo Standen

Rick Kennedy - PipStrider user

May 27, 2010

WOW....never seen an EA work as well as this one. My account is growing at a steady and amazing rate. Works as well on my live account as it did (does) on my demo account.

Nader Amirhosseini - Novato, CA

January 19, 2010

First off I dont know of any other site that lets you try their Robot before you decide to buy it. This site does because their product works. I ran Robominer on a demo account for a month and went live with Robominer Pro about 3 months ago. This EA does exactly what it says it does. My account keeps cranking wining trades with no losses. I recently purchased an additional Robominer Pro for a second account. I have tried other Robots and have only lost money. This one is the real deal. If you give it time and use it properly it will work for you and work as promised. Robominer is the way to go. Thank you Forex-Goldmine.

Garry Hyman - Sydney Australia

January 13, 2010

This robot redefines the world of EAs by delivering what its creators say it will do! It does it efficiently, without fuss and keeps doing it. No losses. Demo it first and play with the settings, then go for it! I tried GT-Shadow and was amazed at the results, then Robominer (excellent again) and finally the new improved Robominer Pro (superb). RM Pro (lifetime) suits me and is helping to build my nest egg nicely - happy trading !

Randall Folgate - Boca Raton, Florida USA

October 8, 2009

This is the only robot that works consistentley to make money. I have two licenses and might buy another one. I have it on two STP brokers with tight spreads and it is joy to behold, great support two with friendly people. This EA is 100%.

Alan Shelton - Suffolk, United Kingdom

October 5, 2009

True to their word not a single loss, regular small profits week after week. What apleasure to find an EA that delivers what it promises. What other EA lets you try beforeyou buy. Now that is confidence in the product for you.

Willie Tan - Bedok, Singapore

September 29, 2009

Went demo with Robominer and it proves profitable. Without hesitation, bought theLifetime Robominer and is rocking my account still~! Just set everything as default, let itrun and forget, check it monthly that's all.

Tieu Cheng Yek - Singapore

September 28, 2009

Demo on this robot with suspicious. Demo of 3 weeks proven that it is profitable andnow go live. So far so good. Keep getting pips from the market.

Jim Davis - Rotorua, New Zealand

September 27, 2009

If you want the best and safest EA on the market, then you can't go past Robominer.After being burned by 'Ivybot' to the tune of $450 I wanted something that would make me aprofit with virtually no risks, as long as you stick to the recommended settings, and Ihave found it. All that comes as well with the best support I have found anywhere with anyone. This package is simply the best!

Anthony - Sydney, NSW, Australia

September 18, 2009

I have been trading currency for 7 years and CFD's for 3. I started looking into EA'sabout 2 years ago and have spent hundreds of hours backtesting and reviewing differentsystems and the way they trade. Robominer is by far the best EA currently on the marketbecause its simple to use, never looses a trade and the results are consistent and easy toprove. I would not hesitate to recommend Robominer to anyone that would like toconsistently increase there account without the fear of their next loosing trade.

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